Green Cities, Business and Beyond

About the Conference

The Green Legal Matters Conference is the First Annual Green Legal/City Government Symposium, and it couldn’t be more timely. We believe that 2010 will prove to be the year of the “Green Professional,” and this spells opportunity for key professionals to connect in a unique business environment.

Today, more than ever before, industry products and services can provide new and expanded legal service offerings at the nexus of the green, legal and municipal levels. From green products and practices to green buildings, neighborhoods and entire cities, the movement continues to gain traction at an unprecedented rate. If you want to build a green legal practice, to “green” your firm, or to gain an understanding of the new green building rating systems and other top trends in the environmental field, this conference is for you!

Political leaders, responding to the threat of global warming and other major environmental concerns, have acted with a sense of urgency to create new policies, regulations and laws to mitigate potential environmental crises. The result has been a great deal of confusion. Green Legal Matters will address potential legal issues resulting from recent environmental legislation and regulation, particularly with regard to actual real-time projects. If you want greater understanding and analysis of recent legislation as well as remediation and litigation related to the green industry, this conference is for you!

In the United States, buildings account for 72% of our total electricity consumption; 39% of our energy use; and 38% of our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. These numbers explain why government has established policies and prioritized regulation to ensure that new and existing projects, including solar, wind, geothermal and water management, are required to adhere to new green standards. If you need to understand the current policies, regulations and standards, this conference is for you!